Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock For Real At Oscars 2022

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The Academy Awards 2022 was an eventful one thanks to one incident. The altercation involved presenter Chris Rock and an angry Will Smith who got off his seat and slapped him.

It all started with Chris Rock making jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith's Alopecia condition.

The condition makes your hair fall out, and Rock says she should be cast in GI Jane 2. Demi Moore shaved her head to star in GI Jane back in the '90s.

At first, it looked like Will Smith was laughing at the joke, but he saw how upset his wife looked. Once he saw that Jada was upset, Will Smith got out of his chair and slapped Chris Rock hard.

Everyone thought this was part of the joke as they laughed at the slap. It wasn't until Will Smith swore some words at Chris Rock did people realize that the slap was real and not staged.

Will Smith's words were edited out of the US broadcast, but International viewers got to hear what he said. He said, "Keep my wife's name out your fucking mouth" twice.

During the ad break, Denzel Washington had to calm Will Smith down.

The funny thing is that Will Smith had to go up on stage again to accept the award for 'Best Actor" for King Richard. This is the first time Smith has won the coveted award.

Many people are on Will Smith's side for defending his wife, although some agree that violence isn't the answer. It will be interesting to see if Will Smith and Chris Rock make amends shortly about this incident.

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