Goldberg Set To Face Drew McIntyre At Royal Rumble 2021

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WWE is expected to have its first big PPV later this month in the form of the Royal Rumble. To increase ratings, the company has already called an old legend to add more spice to the programming.

As seen on Raw during 'Legends Night', Goldberg came out to confront Drew McIntyre at the end of the show. Drew McIntyre just defended his title in a great match against the valiant Keith Lee.

Goldberg came out after the match to challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Title at Royal Rumble 2021.

This is one of the big matches Goldberg will have as he has a current agreement with WWE to wrestle two times a year.

With Undertaker retiring in 2020, Goldberg is one of the few old legends that can still actively wrestle. Most other legends are too old to wrestle while others like The Rock and John Cena are too busy working in Hollywood.

That being said, many fans are sick of seeing old wrestlers hogging the spotlight during WrestleMania season. It seems part-time wrestlers always get the bigger matches from the younger full time talent.

In related news, it's also expected no fans will be in attendance for this year's Royal Rumble thanks to Covid-19. This will be the first Royal Rumble in history to take place in front of zero fans!

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