Ron Bennington to Host Fridays When Opie And Jim Norton Are Off

As part of their new contracts with SiriusXM satellite radio Greg "Opie" Hughes and Jim Norton have agreed to work on some Fridays.

The duo, along with former partner Anthony Cumia, had been working four-day weeks for the past few months.

On Fridays when they are not on however Opie and Jim will have a fill-in who is well-known to their fans.

Ron Bennington, of the Ron & Fez Show, which aired for years on The Opie and Anthony Channel will helm the Friday shows when Opie and Jim are off.

Ron and Fez is still airing on SiriusXM, but it now airs on the Raw Dog Comedy channel.

Few details are known about the new contracts Opie and Jim signed other than the fact that the two said on the air that they had received modest raises and Norton said he did not get "Anthony Cumia money."

During discussion of the new deal, Opie said that he had discussed whether Cumia could ever be brought back with SiriusXM management, but had been told that the time was not right.

Cumia has not closed the door on a future reunion in the mornings but seems unwilling to give up his subscription-based "The Anthony Cumia Show" to rejoin his former partner of 20 years.

There does not appear to be any bad blood between the former partners as Opie continues to speak in support of Cumia and Norton has appeared on "The Anthony Cumia Show" multiple times.

Opie with Jim Norton can be heard on SiriusXM beginning at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday (some Fridays). Cumia's show can be found at