The Venom Movie Might Be Rated PG-13 Instead Of Rated R

20th Century Fox has been doing quite well releasing R rated movies based on popular Marvel comic book characters.

The first two Deadpool movies made lots of money while Logan pretty much impressed everyone when the movie came out last year.

Sadly though, it sounds like Sony Pictures isn't interested in following in the same footsteps as 20th Century Fox with the Venom movie that's coming out this October.

It's expected that the movie will be PG-13, although Sony is pushing the boundaries as much as possible with the rating.

This report comes from Variety and it sounds like it's more of a business decision for the movie to be rated PG-13 as opposed to being rated R. It is also being said that director Ruben Fleischer and star Tom Hardy are injecting more humor into the movie so it's not as dark as everyone think it will be.

Venom has always been one of the more violent comic book characters in Spider-Man history.

He's known as a lethal protector, meaning he's not afraid to kill criminals that he pursues. This can still happen in a PG-13 rated movie, but it sounds like the violence will be toned down to please a wider audience.

In related news, Sony is also no longer making a film based on Silver Sable and Black Cat anymore.

Instead, Sony now wants to make two solo films based on the characters. One film will focus on Black Cat while the other will focus on Silver Sable.

This means Sony now has three more movies it wants to make even before Venom is released.

Aside from Black Cat and Silver Sable, it has also been reported that a Kraven the Hunter movie is also in the works too!

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