Fray Bentos: Fidel Castro's Death, Famous 'Office' Joke Trend on Twitter

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Today, among the cacophony of voices discussing Fidel Castro's death, another term is trending: "fray bentos." Most people have no idea why, however. Well, here's the answer.

Fray Bentos, David Brent, and Fidel Castro

Back in 2001, a BBC show The Office (yes, there was TV then)had recently gained popularity, with its relatable situational comedy. BBC's The Office was what the American show The Office was modeled after.

One of the characters in the UK version of the show was named David Brent. Brent was played by The Office's creator, Ricky Gervais (who is now known all over the world for his many comedy projects).

In an episode of the show called The Quiz, Brent has this exchange:

Name the Cuban leader who's been in power since 1959?

Brent: Fidel Castro.

You know it now; what did you say? ...What did you say then?

Brent: Fray Bentos.

No wonder this place is going down the pan. You're a waste of space.

The Real Fray Bentos

The name "Fray Bentos" has absolutely nothing to do with Latin America, and definitely has nothing to do with the deceased Cuban leader.

Fray Bentos is actually a food brand. According to Wikipedia, it makes "tinned meat," and meat pies.

Although the company was acquired several times over, the brand still exists and sells "Steak and Kidney Pies" as well as microwaveable meat pies.

The company was a British company, which is why the joke didn't go over so well outside of the UK; most international viewers don't understand the reference.

Apparently, Brent's confusing Fidel Castro and Fray Bentos created an association in the minds of a generation, and a large number of people remembered Fray Bentos when Castro's name was in the news again.

You can watch the clip of The Office in which Brent discusses Fray Bentos/Fidel Castro below:

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