DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 16 Review: I, Ava

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The third season is almost over for DC's Legends of Tomorrow and it has been quite a ride so far.

We weren't sure if they would be able to live up to the strong second season and befall the third season curse that seemed to his other shows like Arrow and The Flash, but it has managed to put forth perhaps its best season yet, which has continued with its latest episode titled "I, Ava."

As with any Legends episode, there are multiple plot threads going on, with this one specifically having three for the most part.

The first of these gave us the title of the episode, which started off with Sara saying she was leaving for awhile after her breakup with Ava.

However, just about at this time, Gary shows up and tells her, along with Ray who was talking with her, about how Ava has disappeared and no one has seen her for a few days.

They decide to investigate, which leads them to look at her personnel file that has been erased by someone on the Waverider. They assume this is Ava, but we know it was actually Rip from a few episodes ago.

Sara, Ray, and Gary then go to visit who they believe to be her parent's house in Fresno.

Once they get there, Sara realizes they are lying and threatens to get answers, where it was revealed they are just actors.

They end up following another lead to a supposedly forbidden Vancouver 2213, where they learn the interesting truth about Ava.

When they arrive to Vancouver 2213, they start seeing Ava everywhere.

They soon learn that Ava is actually a clone of what is supposed to be the perfect woman. We get some funny jokes with Sara being surrounded by her ex here, with Gary and Ray adding some humor too.

Ava eventually tracks them down, where we learn that she had no idea about this.

She was oblivious to everything, thinking the life she was given was real, which really makes her lose it.

She comes around though and they have to work together to fight off the army of Ava's to get back to present time.

The other major plot involved Amaya, Nate, and Wally involving Kuasa. Amaya gets named captain while Sara is gone, so she stays on the ship.

Nate and Wally, which continue to be great together, go to Detroit to protect Mari, the granddaughter of Amaya and Vixen that we first met during Arrow's fourth season.

With Amaya losing her totem, this means modern day Mari did too, so she gets hurt badly. They go to protect her, with of course no actual appearance by her in the episode.

Nate and Wally run into Kuasa, where it's revealed she's there to protect her. They agree to work together to get Amaya's totem back from the Darhk's, but Kuasa betrays Nate after getting the totem back.

Wally had left at Nate's instruction to protect Amaya, but Kuasa comes to her and gives her the totem without attacking her.

Amaya learns about Nate and Wally's plan, so she goes with Wally to try and save Nate.

It does end though with Amaya deciding to go against their own rules and going back to 1992 Zambesi in the jump ship to change her family's destiny.

While this is going on, we get some absolutely hilarious scenes with Damian Darhk and Nate, where it's revealed that he doesn't like Mallus taking over his daughter anymore. When help arrives, Mallus takes back over Nora and easily takes down Wally by stealing his speed and using it on him.

She also seemingly can control Amaya's totem still due to the darkness, but she manages to fight it and win.

However, when Kuasa jumps in to save her family, Mallus rips the water totem from her body, which kills her right there.

This was a nice scene, along with Amaya not blaming Nate for having this happen in the first place.

The final storyline in this episode was more the jokey one that had Zari training Mick how to use his new fire totem that he had.

This included a recurring gag about Mick trying to give Zari pork, which she obviously can't have due to her religion. Not too much happens here, but it was fun nonetheless.

"I, Ava" was yet another fun and very big episode for the season's overall plot for DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

The next episode definitely looks interesting with the return of another villain and an interesting character being used from real history, with it also being the penultimate episode of the third season.


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