Persona 5: The Animation Episode 15 Recap/Review: 'I Am Alibaba'

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For the past few weeks, The Phantom Thieves have taken a break as there were no targets for them to apprehend.

Well this week the team is in for a bit of a scare because a mysterious new group have revealed themselves and The Phantom Thieves are the targets this time.

Well at the start of this week's episode things are going okay for the team.

They have completed all of their exams and are now celebrating all of their hard work. Things seem okay, until it starts raining and forces everyone to go back inside.

The Phantom Thieves' day gets even worse when a mysterious group called Medjed call them out.

They pretty much blackmail the group as they promise to ruin Japan's economy. The only way Japan is safe is if the Phantom Thieves show their real identity.

So far The Phantom Thieves have been able to reach their targets anonymously, but this time the tables have turned.

Since there's no hacker in the team, they will need to recruit someone new in order to give Medjed a taste of their own medicine.

Luckily, the group are able to get contacted by another anonymous user named "Alibaba" who messages Ren during the group chat.

This "Alibaba" character promises to help them fight off Medjed, but only if they are able to steal the heart of someone else.

This "Alibaba" character already knows mostly everything about The Phantom Thieves and could be a helpful ally. However, they first need to steal the heart of a person named Futaba Sakura.

Ren gets the idea that Sojiro Sakura (the Boss) might have some sort of relationship with Futaba.

The interesting thing is that Aliababa did not give them a clue on the palace that they need to go to so they have no clue at the moment where to go.

They need help fast because Medjed have put a time limit on the Phantom Thieves which ends soon on July 31st. Failure to bowing down to Medjed's demands and Japan could be in serious chaos.

The team then decide to go to Sojiro and Futaba's residence to see if the palace is located there.

Sojiro does not seem to be at the house, but someone else is in there. It looks like Futaba creeps out from the dark and this scares everyone and then the episode ends!

So far this episode accurately replicates all of the events that occurred in the video game and it manages to summarize everything at a blistering pace.

This week's episode is far more entertaining than what happened in the past two weeks. Not to mention many fans will love seeing the debut of Futaba who is still one of the most popular characters from the video game.

Anyway, Persona 5: The Animation continues to be a great show and something that will please people that may not have the time or skills to complete the 90 hour long video game.

Join us next week for another recap and review of the anime series!

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