Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Comic Live Action Trailer Brings Back Jason David Frank

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Power Rangers is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary after initially debuting back in August 1993.

As part of that anniversary, Boom Comics is attempting one of the most ambitious plotlines the series has ever seen with the mini-series titled Shattered Grid, which they are going all out with by putting together a live action preview trailer starring Jason David Frank, but this time in a little bit different role.

While the ongoing TV series is currently moving forward with Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Saban Brands has been dipping their toes back into the nostalgia pool with last year's new movie and the ongoing comic series from Boom Comics.

Led by Kyle Higgins, Boom Comics has two Power Rangers series currently with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers, which are both set to link up in the Shattered Grid mini-series. 

This comic series has been trying some really impressive things, with one of the first major events being the introduction of the brand new comic exclusive character Lord Drakkon, who is actually an alternate universe version of Tommy Oliver.

Instead of being the heroic ranger of many colors over the years, this Tommy instead is a dictator of this alternate universe with a costume that is a mix of the Green Ranger and White Ranger in this wartorn world he leads.

After being seemingly defeated, Drakkon has now returned and as a lead in for Shattered Grid, Boom Comic's Kyle Higgins has worked with Jason David Frank, who played Tommy all these years, to return yet again, but this time as Lord Drakkon in the following live action teaser trailer for the mini-series.

This is the first look of Lord Drakkon that we've had in live action, with Frank not only returning as that evil Tommy, but also in full costume here as well.

While it's likely this is the only live action video we're getting, it would be amazing if they produce more as well.

Look for the Shattered Grid mini-series to kick off this week officially with the release of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #25 on Wednesday, March 28th.

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