Family Guy Reveals Brian Griffin's Twitter Account

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Tonight on a new episode of Family Guy, Brian Griffin's Twitter account was revealed during an episode in which Brian posted a tweet that angered Quahog.

In tonight's episode, Brian Griffin decided to get back onto Twitter after he attended a college protest. When he went to see a movie starring Kevin Hart, he tweeted: "About to see the new Kevin Hart movie.

Just kidding. I'm white and & went to college. #BaywatchMovie" The tweet was sent out from an account named d0gbackwards.

It turns out that d0gbackwards is a real account, which as of the writing of this article has 132 followers and no tweets. You can see the Twitter account here.

After Brian posted the tweet, all of the people in Quahog decide they no longer want to be associated with the Griffins.

Lois goes to the supermarket and she's shunned, Chris and Meg get into a fight at school, and Peter gets kicked out of the Clam.

Brian deletes his tweet, but it does nothing. So then, he goes out and faces the crowd and tries to apologize, but it doesn't work.

He offends everyone in the crowd and goes on a rant about 2017 and how everyone gets offended. As a result, Lois and Peter kick Brian out of the house and he has to move to an apartment.

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