'Bill Maher's Dirty Secret' Skit On Funny Or Die, Says Jesus Sat At The End Of The Bed

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The major parody site Funny or Die has released another hilarious video featuring Bill Maher outside of an atheistic ways.

"Maher has lied to his fans and the world for long enough. His horrible secret is finally revealed," says Funny or Die.com.

In the video which also features Anabelle Gurwitch, features Maher expressing the fact that he isn't really an atheist and that he takes the money he makes on tour and donates it.

He comedically continues by telling a story of how he and Jesus had a conversation about life and told him to just have fun with it.

Last month Maher did the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" which was also posted to Funny or Die.

He took a funny approach on showing why the challenge continued to get old while highlighting the fact that there are many other diseases out there that take lives.

Don't be alarmed as Maher is still up to his normal ways as yesterday he tweeted, "Sorry Mr President, but saying Isis isn't Islamic is like saying Mel Gibson isn't Catholic; religions don't include just the ones you like"

Maher was the host of Politically Incorrect and currently hosts Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO.

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