'Married By Mom And Dad' TLC Season 2 Episode 5: Devin's Honeymoon

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Tonight was the fifth episode of season 2 of TLC's Married By Mom And Dad. This episode begins with Devin and Ursula married, and the rest of the couples preparing for weddings.

Bethany and Billy

We find Bethany at the wedding hall without a dress.

She is freaking out and crying as the family and friends try to console her. The wedding planners decide to postpone the actual marriage for a few hours and continue the cocktail hour.

A while later, the dress shows up and everyone rushes to get the ceremony back on. Billy's parents are not happy with the wedding, but they do offer their support.

When they meet, both Bethany and Billy find each other attractive, and they both seem happy with Bethany's parents' choice.

After they say read the vows that they wrote, they kiss passionately and start to discuss their lives. At the same time, Billy's and Ursula's parents discuss their futures, and Billy's parents make it clear that they aren't happy.


Tahnee's family discusses the guys and come to a decision to bring back Steve. Steve, however, is very uncommitted. He says that he isn't comfortable making a commitment to someone who he doesn't have sexual chemistry with.

He wants to meet Tahnee first. Tahnee's family tries to change his mind, but they cannot. So Steve is out.

Devin and Ursula

Devin and Ursula start the episode on their way to the honeymoon. They begin the trip by arguing about their wedding night, and the fact that Devin wanted to party with his friends instead of spending time with Ursula.

They then get into their histories. Devin admits that he had been a stripper previously -- that turns Ursula on.


Marissa finds out that her dad had to leave for work, so her mom is alone. She decides to have Marissa meet the guys, and Marissa is not particularly happy about that.

The episode ends with Tahnee's family deciding to tell there will be no wedding.

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