Supergirl Season 3 Episode 20 Recap/Review: ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’

Reign is still the big bad villain of Season 3 of Supergirl, and the character is starting to become immune to the effects of Kryptonite.

To make sure she can transform back to good old Samantha, Supergirl and Mon El travel to space for more of the black rock of Utica.

As seen last week, the black rock of Utica has the power to neutralize Reign and make her back to her old human self.

Supergirl has to hurry back to Earth though because Reign will soon be powerful enough to escape the prison Lena Luthor has created for her.

Lena Luthor struggles personally too because she has a kill switch for Reign, but does not want Samantha to die in the process. The only thing they can do is wait for Supergirl to come back.

While Supergirl is up in space, Alex has her own personal mission because somebody is out there to try and kill her.

Alex struggles to find out who her killer is as there are lots of criminals out there that want her dead.

Alex accuses a man named Ronald Collins as the killer because he's the first person she arrested at the young age of 17. She feels he still wants revenge for putting him in prison in the first place.

Alex manages to meet up with Collins at a bar and confronts him face-to-face. Despite him killing a teenager many years ago, he's still haunted by his own crime and vows to never kill or do anything bad ever again.

Alex actually believes him and walks away to find the real suspect. Before she can get away though, her motorcycle is rigged with a bomb. Thankfully she's able to escape, but her attempted killer is still out on the loose.

Alex then has to team up with Martian Manhunter to find the real killer. Martian Manhunter is posing as Alex while she's jogging in a park to try and sniff out the suspected killer.

Their plan nearly works, although the killer is an alien that can sniff out the real Alex.

He wants revenge because his brother was put inside Fort Rozz. Alex does some cool heroic work to actually capture the bad alien for herself.

The stuff with Alex was sadly the only interesting part of this entire episode.

It was interesting to see Alex be the main hero and doing her own investigation. Supergirl's quest this week was quite boring and dragged on for far too long.

Basically, Supergirl and Mon El travel to the city of Argo because they need more pieces of the black rock of Utica.

The rock is the city's most precious resource so asking them to part ways with it won't be an easy task.

The biggest surprise of the episode is finding out that Supergirl's Mom has been alive in the city of Argo this whole time.

It was heartwarming to see the reunion between Supergirl and her mother, although it did stray away from the main story a bit.

To cut a long story short, the councilors of Argo City agree that Supergirl can take a little piece of the black rock mainly because Reign was originally a creation of Krypton.

Not to mention Supergirl made a very convincing speech as to why Earth should be saved.

Sadly, the episode ends on an interesting cliffhanger because Supergirl and Mon El come back to Earth the very minute that Reign escapes from the prison that Lena Luthor created for her.

It looks like we won't be seeing any cool action until next week.

This week felt like a filler episode since Supergirl and Mon El's trip seemed too long and unnecessary.

Yes it was nice to see Supergirl's Mom again, but their journey to Argo City could have been much shorter and more exciting.

Well I don't have to worry too much as it looks like next week is where all of the action will be.

There's only a few more episodes until we see the Season 3 Finale so hopefully the upcoming episodes feature more epic scale action scenes!

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