The Flash Season 4 Episode 20 Review: 'There She Is'

The Flash Season 4 has been pretty weak so far, but finally things are starting to pick up near the latter end of the series.

That said, this week's episode takes a minor step backwards relying mostly on flashback scenes involving Marlize and Clifford DeVoe.

In this week's episode, we finally understand Clifford DeVoe's epic plan for his 'Enlightenment' and it's kind of lame to be honest.

DeVoe feels technology is corrupting people and he wants to make a device so people don't rely on it anymore.

In his mind, DeVoe wants to make a device that will make people dumber so they won't use technology any longer.

As a result of this, Devoe will be able to be the smartest person in the world and become its ruler.

I was hoping DeVoe would have had a better plan, but it just feels cliche and hypocritical.

The way he hates technology makes no sense since he used a lot of technology in prior episodes in order to execute his plan in the first place!

Even though I think his plan is dumb, at least it's much better than the story from the first Amazing Spider-Man. In that movie, Curt Conners' big plan was to turn every human on Earth into lizards...

The only interesting thing about this week's episode was Marlize's portrayal near the end of the episode.

She wants to improve mankind, but she's against DeVoe being Earth's ruler so she runs away from him. I'm hoping in the future, she can work with Team Flash to help take down DeVoe and his stupid plan.

Speaking of Team Flash, they did absolutely nothing this week as they failed to prevent DeVoe stealing some of the supplies he needs for his ultimate plan,.

They mainly failed because Cisco and Gypsy were not able to work together cohesively.

The good guys had a weak story arc this week as it was just relationship problems between Cisco and Gypsy.

Gypsy just wants a casual relationship, but Cisco was acting like a baby and wants their relationship to be more serious.

It seems as if the couple broke up and it's all Cisco's fault really. If I was Cisco, I would have just continued the casual relationship, but he ruined it by wanting something more.

Surprisingly, Barry Allen/The Flash did nothing special in this week's episode despite being the main character. Also, Caitlin and Harrison Wells still haven't found cures for their problems either so that's not fun for them.

While nothing really important happened in the main story, the ending was more interesting.

We see that mystery girl again and we find out that she is a speedster. My guess is that she's the future daughter of Iris and Barry visiting the past!

Anyway while this week's episode was not the worst episode of Season 4, but it didn't really have much in terms of story development. The only important thing we got from this episode is knowing about DeVoe's dumb plan.

The only thing that's good about the latter end of the season is that Ralph Dibny is gone so we don't have to suffer any campy jokes from him any longer.

The "humor" in the previous Season 4 episodes made my cringe a lot!

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