Why Some Other Marvel Characters Are Missing In Avengers: Infinity War

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Avengers: Infinity War marks the arrival of Thanos and you would automatically think every hero would be available to help take him down. Sadly, not everyone is available and the filmmakers have pointed out why this is. 

One thing people might realize is the fact that Avengers: Infinity War only features Marvel characters from the film MCU series. None of the Netflix and/or TV show characters are featured whatsoever. 

During an interview with Premiere (via Heroic Hollywood) the directors The Russo Brothers simply had to cut the cast down as there would have been too many characters. You can read their comments on the topic down below. 

"We have considered everything. But the trick is that we already have at least sixty characters with whom we must tell a story! And it’s hard enough to communicate with Taika Waititi, Ryan Coogler, Scott Derrickson, Peyton Reed, [Jon Watts, Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck] and James Gunn at the same time, not to add all the showrunners and TV crews to this. The latter is also led by totally different people. So it’s practically impossible. Our job is to focus on the Marvel film world and offer a satisfying climax".

You may know the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and several characters from Agents of SHIELD are missing.

Not to mention it sounds like Marvel does not want to feature any Inhumans characters in the near future either.

Still, fans should not worry about the number of heroes that feature in Avengers: Infinity War. Despite missing a few characters, it will still have one of the most star studded and biggest casts in Hollywood history. 

There are also several characters that Marvel Studios does not have the current film rights to such as the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool just to name a few. Obviously those characters cannot be added to MCU movies either. 

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