Supergirl Season 3 Episode 14 Review: 'Schott Through the Heart'

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Supergirl is finally back on TV after a long two month break which was occupied by DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Supergirl and the team are still trying to find the remaining Worldkillers who are going to threaten Earth and its immediate future.

Sadly though, "Schott Through the Heart" feels like a filler episode because Reign and the other Worldkillers do not make an appearance here. The main storyline is in the background in favor of a plot involving Winn and his family. 

Well at the start of the episode, Winn finds out that his murderous father dies in prison and everyone reluctantly goes to his funeral.

It is there that Winn meets his mother for the first time in 20 years since he believed she abandoned him after all those years.

What seems like a great reunion is ruined mainly because someone out there is continuing his father's work. Someone out there is still trying to kill both Winn and his Mom fulfilling Mr Schott's final wishes. 

As a whole, I only enjoyed some parts of this week's episode mainly because it was surprisingly slow and did not even feature much of Supergirl. The main character this week was Winn and his mother. 

I do however like the bond between Winn and his mother though because they finally get to know each other after not seeing one another for two whole decades.

Not to mention Winn's mother had a very good reason why she stayed away from him in order for his own safety.

There are only two action sequences in the entire episode, and the final battle is far better than the mid-way battle. The mid-way battle looks kind of janky thanks to some average looking CGI involving some robotic flying monkeys!

The latter battle is much better and features a great scene where Mon-El has to fight off something big.

Supergirl herself gets to do some action, although sadly she takes a backseat this week to make way for the other characters.

The only notable thing about Supergirl this week is that it sounds like she may want to get back with Mon-El in the near future.

Mon-El seems to be liking Kara again and this could mean their romance will blossom in the future.

The only side story this week featured a dinner between Alex, J'onn J'onzz and M'yrnn J'onzz. We find out that M'yrnn is suffering from dementia, although he does not want his son J'onn to know about it yet. 

Overall, this week's episode was okay but not the best one of Season 3. The only parts I liked were the action sequences and when the team went out to a karaoke bar. 

Hopefully next week's episode features more Supergirl and sticks to the main story involving the Worldkillers. I did not want to wait two months just to see an episode all about Winn...

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