'She's In Charge' Episode 1 Recap & Review: Pooh Spreads Common Sense

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Today, social media star Pooh premiered her new show She's In Charge on TLC. The premise of the show is pretty confusing -- it's unclear why this random lady thinks she is qualified to be everyone's life coach.

Hopefully, we'll understand better throughout the series. So here's the recap (the review is below):

The episode begins with Pooh going to visit a woman named Katherine, a stay at home mother of 6 kids. Pooh says that Katherine is feeling overworked and under appreciated -- her husband and her kids take her for granted 100%.

Driving in the car, Pooh explains how she likes to instill fear in kids.

Pooh gets introduced to the family, all six kids and the dad Jay. Jay isn't happy with Katherine's appearance, and he thinks she needs to go to the gym.

Jay brings pizza home often, so it's hard to help Katherine lose weight. Katherine says that Jay calls her fat. Pooh says those are fighting words.

Pooh threatens to lunge at Jay, and he eventually agrees to change. Pooh then brings the kids in to "show them who is boss." Pooh gets in the kids' faces, but they try to ignore her.

Pooh forces one of the kids to play with his ball outside -- and the kid goes outside, slamming the door. Pooh makes him do it again. One by one, Pooh goes through the kids and reprograms them.

Pooh then explains to Katherine that she needs to get respect, showing her how to make the famous Pooh faces.

Pooh then goes to visit a newly engaged couple, Prentiss and Sofia. During the drive, she explains her Pooh-isms, talking about people wearing too tight clothes, and other things she annoys.

Prentiss and Sofia have a problem with Prentiss' mom -- she's acting like a bully, ahd she doesn't respect Sofia. Prentiss' mom seems to be jealous and doesn't yet know that the couple is getting married in Cancun.

Pooh explains that Prentiss needs to be a man -- and put his mom in her place. Pooh decides to meet the couple at the wedding planner's office, and she wants the couple to invite Prentiss' mother Patricia as well.

Patricia shows up at the office, and Pooh explains why she's there. Patricia doesn't like the wedding date initially -- and then they spring the destination wedding on her.

Pooh says one or two words to her, and Patricia immediately changes her mind about everything.

As the show ends, Pooh confronts a random hillbilly guy who is spitting on the road. The guy, of course, immediately listens, and we're expected to believe that he's changed for the better.

In the end, we learn everyone's problems are resolved, and life is perfect.

So is She's In Charge worth a watch?

Pooh's antics are sort of interesting, but they get old kind of quickly. What you're left with is an angry woman running around and giving trite advice to 'solve' people's inane problems.

The most annoying problem with the show is that they don't even try to convince you that Pooh is actually solving the problems.

She just shows up on people's doorsteps, says 'stop doing that' -- or something to that effect -- and everything is solved.

Hopefully, the show will develop something of a sense of direction as the season goes on...but we're not totally convinced.

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