Watch Singing Dad Kris Perform on The Ellen Show

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The incredible video of Kris singing Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey" went super viral on the internet and now the man himself visited The Ellen Show for a special performance.

DeGeneres introduced Kris with a clip of the viral video that surfaced. As the father and daughter joined her on stage, DeGeneres praised Kris for his voice and how amazing it is.

Kris' daughter said she had to convince him to sing the song and the contractor from Texas, belted it out in perfect fashion.

He said that he was always trying to sing in the choir and he wasn't able to until his mom heard him sing in the house.

Life happened and Kris had to find a stable job. He tried out for American Idol but was five months older than the limit.

He also tried out for The Voice however, after seven words, they said, "nope." Kris later revealed that they received a call from The Voice recently and was invited back to do the show.

Later on Kris took the stage and completely blew everyone away with his cover of "Tennessee Whiskey."

You can watch Kris' amazing performance and more in The Ellen Show videos below.

Singing Dad Kris Shares His Story on The Ellen Show

Kris Performs "Tennessee Whiskey"

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