Review: Alien: Covenant Is Better Than Prometheus

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Expectations were high back in 2012 when Prometheus came out. Everyone wanted to know the origins for the Xenomorphs and were ready for some classic Alien scares.

Sadly though, the movie never really featured the classic Xenomorph and the story did not explain things properly. Thankfully, Alien: Covenant is the Alien prequel that Prometheus should have been.

Don't worry if you have never seen any of the previous Alien movies before.

Alien: Covenant only makes small references back to Prometheus, although it may be a good idea to rewatch some scenes from Prometheus to fully understand the lore and characters.

Other than that, this movie has a standalone story that is easy to follow even for first-time viewers.

The main things I didn't like about Prometheus was its lack of connection to the older Alien movies.

The movie didn't explain too much about the origins of the Xenomorph. Here in this movie, everything is pretty much explained to you which makes the story somewhat more satisfying.

The other thing that this movie does well is that it totally delivers when it comes to scary Alien horror and action.

If you love gore and violence, there's no shortage of deaths shown on the screen. You actually get to see the Xenomorph in full action in this movie and it's fun to watch.

In terms of the cast, Micheal Fassbender's performances as the androids of David and Walter is excellent. He manages to make both roles look and feel different.

He even shares the screen with himself on more than one occasion.

Katherine Waterson is okay as Daniels, although I was hoping she'd have a bigger part. Even though she plays the main character, she only gets to do heroic stuff near the end of the movie.

Surprisingly, one of the best performances of the entire movie belongs to Danny McBride. McBride is usually a comedic actor, but he manages to show some range in this movie. Make sure to also catch a cameo from James Franco!

As fun as this movie is, it's not perfect. The pace is very slow at the beginning and things start to get predictable.

There are cliches such as character deaths always occurring when someone is alone.

It also suffers from the same formula as all of the other Ridley Scott directed Alien movies. It isn't a remake, but there are times that it feels very familiar.

I think this movie will be better if you have never seen an Alien movie before.

My friend liked this movie as he got scared and loved the story. I on the other hand still liked this movie, although the predictable deaths and same structure of the movie left me with little surprises.

Overall, Alien: Covenant is a good film although it fails to exceed the first Alien movie and the excellent Aliens from James Cameron.

That being said, this movie is far better than Alien 3, and Prometheus. It's kind of on par with Alien: Resurrection in terms of horror and action.

Verdict: 3.5/5 stars

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