Possible Directors For James Bond 25 Have Been Shortlisted

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The 25th James Bond film already has a release date in late 2019 so the search is on for a new director.

Three possible names have been revealed as to who might direct the movie. However, things aren't so easy as scheduling problems might occur.

According to a report from Deadline, the three frontrunners to direct James Bond 25 are Yann Demange, Denis Villenueve and David Mackenzie.

It's said that all three of them have had meetings and Demange is the favorite due to Villenueve potentially having a scheduling conflict.

Demange has not directed many movies in his career.

His first feature film is '71 which came out in 2014 and it's about a British Soldier alone in Northern Ireland during a war. His other film is out next year called White Boy Rick and it's a crime drama.

David Mackenzie is more famous as he's directed Hell or High Water which was a Western style thriller starring Jeff Bridges. Denis Villenueve has directed Sicario and Arrival which are both critically acclaimed.

His next film is out later this year and that's Blade Runner 2049. However, he might have to give James Bond a miss if he has to make Dune instead.

Directors Edgar Wright and Christopher Nolan have expressed interest, although the studio might want them in the future when James Bond is rebooted again.

It's highly speculated James Bond 25 will not be a reboot because Daniel Craig is interested in returning. Nolan did say in the past that if he were to direct it, he would cast Tom Hardy in the title role.

The James Bond franchise has been going on since the '60s and is one of the longest running movie series of all time.

The recent Daniel Craig movies have been really successful grossing more money than all of their predecessors.

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