Giorgia Gabriele Reveals All About Gianluca Vacchi's Mystery Illness and More

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Jet-setting rich couple Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele had some free time this week and decided to jet off to Moscow for a little fun.

But before doing that, Giorgia Gabriele sat down with Italian news outlet Libero Quotidiano for a very rare interview.

In the interview she revealed a ton of interesting details about her life with Gianluca Vacchi, her business, and of course, his mystery illness.

Giorgia Gabriele Talks Gianluca Vacchi's Mystery Illness

Earlier this year we wrote about Gianluca Vacchi's mystery illness. At the time, we wrote maily about his return from the hospital:

But the "GV" lifestyle was interrupted at the end of August, when Gianluca Vacchi was hospitalized for a serious illness, and narrowly escaped death in the hospital. While Vacchi has been kept the specifics of his illness secret, he has made statements that give us clues as to what may have happened.


Whatever his illness was, Gianluca Vacchi almost didn't make it. On his Instagram, he posted: "When you risk your life everything has more value , the grass is more green and the sky is clearer. " He also thanked brunette bombshell Giorgia Gabriele for being the one "my column in these days with her sweet love," getting him through the difficult period.

In that article we highlighted his return home and the hero's welcome that he received. You can watch the video of his homecoming here.

At the time, it was unclear what the illness was, but now Giorgia Gabriele has finally spoken about it. To Libero Quotidiano, she said that Gianluca Vacchi had been out, and when he returned he was trembling.

She took his temperature and it was extremely high -- and it wasn't going down. There was also a large area of swelling in Vacchi's groin/thigh area. The two decided to upend their vacation and go to the hospital.

At the hospital, it was determined that Gianluca Vacchi had Necrotizing Fasciitis. Gabriele said that in order to remove a hair or pimple, Vacchi had punctured his skin, and the streptococcus bacteria entered.

According to Giorgia Gabriele, 70% of people who contract this virus don't survive. Luckily, Vacchi did -- and now he's as good as ever.

Giorgia Gabriele Talks Being Gianluca Vacchi's Girlfriend

Giorgia Gabriele also spoke at length about being Gianluca Vacchi's girlfriend. She said she's the jealous type, but Vacchi hasn't given her any reason to be jealous.

She also said that she and Vacchi are together nearly 24 hours a day. When asked what she liked about him, she said this (translated by Google, so it's not perfect):

The simplicity and knowing how to appreciate the little things. Giving the right value to everything. His lifestyle, positivity broadcasting. And education ... Maybe even the athletic movements, charm and charisma

She said that she was well aware of Gianluca Vacchi's reputation as a playboy who goes through girlfriends quickly, and she was surprised the couple has remained together:

No [the] beginning did not give me much confidence. Not for anything else, but because his head is prepared for change.

It must always be stimulated otherwise you get bored. The first few times it was not easy ....

She also admitted that Vacchi's money is important to her, although she is proud of making money herself.

How did Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele Meet?

Giorgia Gabriele admitted that she was with a former boyfriend when she met Gianluca Vacchi. They were friends for three years, after which they became interested in each other.

Il mio amore @gianlucavacchi #noi #gvlovestyle #GV #GG

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Other Interesting Nuggets from Giorgia Gabriele

Giorgia Gabriele said that at the beginning she and Gianluca Vacchi fought but they no longer do. She wants to always be Vacchi's "column" and provide moral support to everything he does.

Gabriele also feels that Italians are hard on her. For instance, when there was an earthquake, she tried to provide help, but many people said she wasn't doing enough.

Is There a Gianluca Vacchi Jr in the Works?

Giorgia Gabriele says that she and Gianluca Vacchi have throught about having a child, and while she doesn't know when, she definitely wants to do it.

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