Power Rangers 2017 Movie Review: A Very Long Origin Story

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Superhero movies usually start off with an origin story before the main character (or characters) get into the action.

Power Rangers 2017 isn't shy on having any action, although most of the good stuff is left until the end. It has one of the longest origin stories of any movie from this genre.

When you watch superhero movies, usually the characters suit up and fight at least 45 minutes after their origin is set up.

Here in Power Rangers 2017, its biggest flaw is that it leaves everything until the end. The action scenes are impressive and worth it in the end, although some fans may not like having to wait for so long.

That being said, Power Rangers 2017 is still a good movie and has likeable characters.

Even though there are five main characters, each of them have equal amount of screen time and back stories that make you care about their current life struggles. None of the characters are "perfect" or squeaky clean.

In hindsight, this movie is more similar to a teen drama/comedy from the '80s.

The one film that comes to my mind is The Breakfast Club since most of them all meet up when they are in Saturday detention.

By chance, they come across to meet one another and then stumble across a hidden cave where they find the coins that help them turn into the Power Rangers.

However for the first 90 minutes of the movie, they are still in training which is the theme of the entire film.

The movie is structured very well and doesn't get boring, although it's a little disappointing that they don't actually get to fight Rita Repulsa until the end.

Another minor grip are the design choices.

Megazord looks more like a Transformer than he does in the original TV series and Goldar lacks any facial features. Goldar is just a huge faceless gold being which is disappointing compared to his design in the old TV series.

Despite some flaws, this movie is made for a modern audience in mind and isn't corny and lame.

The special effects are good and as aforementioned; every character has a back story and is well written. There isn't a weak character in the main team in my opinion.

Overall, Power Rangers is a fun movie even though it doesn't break any new ground.

It's a good set up for what is expected to be a number of sequels on the way. Make sure to stay for the mid-credits as a tease for the sequel is in there.

Verdict: 3.5/5

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