Ellen DeGeneres Meets Two Bling Siblings Who Inspire and Help Others

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Bradford and Bryan Manning may have Stargardt disease however, they did not let it stop them from being complete inspirations and helping others who are suffering. Together, the brothers visited The Ellen Show to share their story.

The brothers explained that they have Stargardt disease, a form of macular degeneration.

The problem comes from not being able to metabolize vitamin A in your eye, which leads to the loss of central vision, while keeping your peripheral vision.

They explained that when they were diagnosed, they immediately took lessons to read braille because there is no way of telling how fast their vision will go.

When the brothers were younger, they would help each other and test their eyesight.

The Manning brothers started their own clothing line because when they shop for clothes, they touch everything.

The item with the softest touch is what they gravitated to, however, they sometimes bought the same things and would pay rock, paper, scissors to see who would return it.

The guys realized that even with a visual impairment, they can still experience the world through touch. The money from the clothing line goes towards trying to find a cure for the disease.

DeGeneres was so impressed with the story, she and Shutterly purchased $30,000 worth of clothing.

You can watch the Manning brothers share their story in The Ellen Show video below. For more on the clothing line click here.

Ellen DeGeneres Meets Two Bling Siblings Who Inspire and Help Others