DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Welcome to the Jungle

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow's second season was so good, which was largely helped by the usage of the Legion of Doom, which was basically an Arrowverse villains all-stars lineup that included Eobard Thawne, Malcolm Merlyn, and Damian Darkh.

Legends of Tomorrow is following a similar approach with season three by bringing back Darhk, along with Kuasa from the Vixen animated series, and now a third has shown up in "Welcome to the Jungle."

The previous episode had Sara getting nearly drained of her life force by Eleanor Darhk, which has left her in a comatose state at the start of this episode.

While she is out of commission, the Legends decide to tackle an anachronism, which takes them back to the Vietnam War where a mysterious creature is attacking soldiers.

The team is split into two different factions here in the field, with Jax and Stein staying behind on the Waverider. Ray, Amaya, and Zari pose as journalists to get in with the villagers to try and find out who this creature is.

They meet a woman who agrees to take them to the creature, who she and her group see as basically their savior.

When they get to their camp, they discover just who this creature is, Gorilla Grodd. He has been taken from the ARGUS facility he was last left in from present time and has been displaced in this era.

Elsewhere, Nate and Mick are posing as American soldiers, with you able to tell Mick does not like being there.

Nate asks why and Mick reveals he's worried he will see his dad out there, who we know he killed back in the day.

Naturally, Nate says he'll buy Mick a six pack if they somehow run into his dad, which they just so happen to do so right after of course, along with a group of other soldiers.

His dad, Dick Rory, is casted perfectly here, as he is able to portray a character very similar to Mick in his mannerisms.

Nate and Mick end up being "captured" by them, though they are mostly just going along with them.

This episode did a great job at humanizing Mick at times, letting him see that his dad wasn't such a bad guy, but rather suffered from PTSD from the types of things he had to do in this war.

The other storyline with Stein and Jax involves Stein actually grabbing some of the greatest minds of all time, including Isaac Newton, who he is trying to come up with a way to split up Firestorm with.

Jax discovers that they basically have a way to do so, but it would leave Jax with no powers at all, which leads to an interesting scene later in the episode.

It ends up that Grodd's grand plan is to assassinate President Lyndon B. Johnson, who is coming to Vietnam in this episode, with the goal being starting World War III and wiping out the humanity that he despises. Jax discovers this plans on the Waverider as the ananchronism grows much larger than better, which leads him to go out by himself to show he can still be a Legend without powers.

President Johnson ends up getting stuck in a minefield and stepping on a mine, which Jax is able to warn him of before stepping off of.

Jax goes in and is able to freeze the mine enough for him to get off of it, while also leading President Johnson to safety after.

This was a really nice moment for Jax that seems to hint that perhaps he will truly be free of his Firestorm powers but still be able to remain on the Waverider anyways.

Back at Grodd's camp, Amaya tries to reason with Grodd using her powers, telling him that they want to help him and can send him back to a time even before humans.

Just when Grodd seems like he is listening, Dick Rory's squad comes into the camp firing and attacking. Grodd instead decides to take the Waverider for himself, so he goes away and goes after the ship.

He ends up getting on top of it and actually takes control of the comatose Sara through mind control and she goes out to try and fight Stein, who is on board. He is saved though by Isaac Newton who knocks her out, though she is back to normal at the end of the episode.

Grodd ends up falling from the Waverider and seemingly perishes in a large fire of napalm.

However, we learn at the end of the episode that Damian Darhk actually saved him and has brought him to present day, offering him the magic to be able to time travel as he pleases.

This is really cool that it seems Grodd is joining this team of villains in season three, which I can't wait to see more of later.

After the attack on the camp, we get a nice moment between Mick and his dad, as Mick talks his dad out of killing the people that Grodd has under his control.

This was a nice way of leaving things between Mick and Dick, with Mick continuing to be one of the best characters on the show.

While everyone was hyped for the crossover to come after, "Welcome to the Jungle" is another excellent episode this season.

Getting to see Mick's father, which the team notices is odd that ancestors of characters keep showing up, was a nice surprise and having Grodd around is always a joy, especially with the promise of him showing up more.

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