'90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days' Finale Recap: The Couples Tell All, And What Happens After

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Tonight is the finale of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

It is a 2 hour tell all, in which we learn all of the secrets of what happens with the couples. We've written about spoilers before, but here's the story from the mouths of the couples.

So without further ado, here we go:

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All - Sean and Abby

Abby shows up via videoconference. When Sean sees Abby he perks up -- same with Abby. But problems start immediately...when we find out that Abby isn't in Haiti, she's in the Domincan Republic (where Chris lives).

We learn that when Abby actually reached out to Sean, she was in a "relationship" with Chris, although Chris already had a "partner". It's unclear what exactly that means, but obviously she was a side thing for Chris, and she was jealous.

So she found Sean. At least this explains why she's still in love with Chris.

The moderator plays a clip, and Sean says he wants to punch Chris in the face. Abby starts apologizing, and says that Chris was using her and she was too stupid to see that.

Then the shockers start: Abby explains that Chris is always making sexual innuendos.

Then she admits that she was being used as Chris' sex toy -- Chris was giving her money while she was with Sean, and she was staying in his condo.

She now says it's over, and she "won't" accept any more money.

AND WTF: Abby admits she's in Chris' condo right now! Sean has daggers in his eyes as he says Chris isn't in the Dominican Republic, so it's okay...although he's not really sure if that's true.

Abby says she's leaving in 2 weeks.

Abby says everything with Chris will be over when she leaves, and he says he believes her.

TLC then shows Sean's proposal to Abby. And they both seem very happy.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All - Larry and Jenny

Larry is back in the U.S. and he says he spends 3 hours a day video chatting. They bring Jenny in via video chat.

Jenny is very sad about not having Larry around. We now realize that the TLC previews were edited to make it seem like there was some drama here, but aparently there is none.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All - Patrick and Myriam

Patrick still seems to love Myriam, even after everything she did to him.

We see a video of his mom and his ex trying to convince him out of focusing on Myriam, but he can't seem to get over her. He still thinks he's going to win Myriam over.

Myriam is brought in via video chat. The moderator asks her if Patrick is option "B", and she says no -- but she won't say what he is.

She says she's planning to come to the USA. Myriam insists that she never thought that they were more than friends before he went to Paris.

Myriam says that her boyfriend is her priority, and she thought of Patrick as a "flirt". She suddenly gets really mean and says that Patrick will be in the friend zone for ever.

Patrick's mom then shows up, and tells Myriam that "karma is a bitch". She starts attacking Myriam, and Patrick has to break in and calm everyone down.

Myriam starts crying and says "it's not fair" what Patrick's mom is doing. She now says that Patrick was lying to his mother, and they only became more than friends a few weeks before Patrick went to Paris.

Patrick's mother says Myriam is playing with his feelings. She calls Myriam "insignificant." And Patrick apologizes to Myriam. Then, Myriam goes off on a rant complaining about how people now hate her.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All - Cortney and Antonio

TLC tells us Cortney just returned to the U.S., although we know that Cortney returned to the U.S. a while ago, and has been traveling since.

Antonio is brought in via video conference. He says that Cortney looks pretty. Antonio and Cortney say that they talk and text all the time. And surprisingly, Antonio says he misses Cortney.

TLC cuts to a video of Cortney after she returned to the U.S. She gives her parents the sexy calendar of Antonio.

Cortney says she really cares about Antonio. Antonio says the first night, he expected to have sex with Cortney, and he was disappointed.

So the big question: has Antonio been faithful? He insists that he hasn't. He says that he's in an exclusive relationship with her. Cortney says she trusts him now.

Cortney says she's going to go to Spain and stay in his apartment, and then they plan to travel together.

Will Antonio propose? He says, "yeah, why not?" He says he's getting old so he has to get married at some point.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All - Paul and Karine

Paul is at home and attends the tell all via video. He's in Brazil with Karine.

As of the taping of this, they're together. However, recent reporting by us and others suggests that they may no longer be together. Karine says that communication is better now, and that things are working really well.

Paul finally opens up about all of the things we reported on at the beginning of the season -- the criminal records, the EPO, etc.

TLC plays the video of Paul running off during the taping, and he actually walks off again, crying. He says he feels terrible that Karine almost died.

Paul said that he wishes he had handled the whole situation differently. At the time, Karine says, she thought that Paul was being a drama queen.

Karine then talks about the STD test: she was annoyed and felt bad about the whole thing. She said that she asked Paul to take the test as well afterward.

Paul says he's considering splitting time between Brazil and the U.S.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All - Darcey and Jesse

We've written a lot about this couple, and spoilers about their ups and downs (including their huge blowout on Facebook). This seems to be taped before that...

As of the taping of this, Darcey and Jesse are still together. We see some extra footage that takes place after Darcey returns.

In the footage, Jesse and Darcey fight about the future. Jesse wants to wait a year to move forward with Darcey, which makes her really mad.

Jesse is in the US for 10 days, staying with Darcey. He appears on set and is immediately asked about marriage. Jesse deflects. He says he wants to focus on working through problems right now.

According to Jesse, what puts the most strain on the relationship is "being real". It's not quite clear what that means.

The clip of Jesse and Darcey fighting over wine is played, and Jesse says that Darcey got drunk again. He starts going nuts about Darcey having once had a drink.

Jesse starts swearing and saying that he gave Darcey another chance. He then gets up and starts walking off...

Then, for some reason, as quickly as he blew up, he calms down and sits. Darcey starts crying, and tells Jesse "stop stepping on me".

Then, Jesse says he wants to marry Darcey and he truly loves her.... We're still confused AF what he's talking about.

Darcey says Jesse is demeaning. He apparently calls her bitch. At the end of the episode, Jesse says he's done. Nevertheless, they walk out together.

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