Wonder Woman 1984 Is No Longer Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes

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When Wonder Woman 1984 was first reviewed by early critics, the movie had a healthy 88% rating over on Rotten Tomatoes. Now that more people have seen the movie, the rating has gone down dramatically.

If you go to Rotten Tomatoes right now, you can see that the rating for Wonder Woman 1984 is now 59%. Any rating below a 60% means a movie is classified as rotten on the aggregate website.

The updated score for the film is 6.10/10 meaning we are seeing a lot of three star reviews. 224 reviews are fresh while 153 reviews have been counted as rotten.

You can read the Critics Consensus posted down below.

"Wonder Woman 1984 struggles with sequel overload, but still offers enough vibrant escapism to satisfy fans of the franchise and its classic central character."

The Audience Score for the film is more generous at 74% from verified audience members. The rating from fans is 3.95/5 stars so they are not as harsh to the movie as critics.

That being said, the rating and overall reaction to Wonder Woman 1984 hasn't been universally loved. The first Wonder Woman movie from 2017 received far more praise when it came out.

However, the mixed reactions to Wonder Woman 1984 does not alter Warner Bros' future plans for the franchise. A Wonder Woman 3 movie starring Gal Gadot again has already been announced.

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