The First Trailer Has Been Revealed For Men In Black International

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Sony Pictures has now released the first trailer for Men In Black International starring Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth.

The trailer shows us that Emma Thompson is returning to the franchise while Liam Neeon is another veteran actor cast in this movie.

Men In Black International is not a reboot because it happens after the events of Men in Black III. The movie concentrates on Tessa Thompson's character named Agent O who is a new recruit. She is then partnered up with Chris Hemsworth who plays the role of Agent H.

The trailer pretty much shows that this will be like any other Men In Black movie featuring crazy guns and many aliens. The only thing missing in the new movie is Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The trailer does not give us any details on what happened to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones' characters, but the film isn't a reboot so they still exist somewhere in this new movie's universe.

You can read a short synopsis for the movie posted below.

"The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization."

The movie also stars the following actors: Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall, Laurent Bourgeois and Larry Bourgeois. The film is being directed by F Gary Gray who last helmed 2017's The Fate of the Furious.

Men In Black International releases in North America on June 14th, 2019. Check out the first new trailer below.

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