'October Surprise'? Guccifer 2.0 Clinton Foundation Hack Shocking Revelations

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Tuesday, Guccifer 2.0 released another trove of documents, this time allegedly from the Clinton Global Foundation.

And if real, they have quite a few smoking guns -- including a file matching TARP funds to donations. Is this unreported document set the real Hillary Clinton 'October Surprise'?

Update: They're Out: Check out the Wikileaks Hillary Clinton Speech Transcripts Here

One thing is very clear if this release is real: the Clinton Foundation was not purely involved in charitable work -- they were doing a lot of political work for Clinton and her allies.

So what exactly is in this document release? We've examined them carefully and here are the most interesting items:

Hillary Clinton October Surprise? SuperPAC Donation Information

SuperPACs are supposed to be totally independent of the parties and candidates.

In the document dump, there is an excel spreadsheet called "HMP all superpac giving" listing a number of donors and how much they have given to each SuperPAC. This clearly isn't independent, and could be highly illegal.

According to the Washington Post, "super PACs, by definition, are political committees that solely do independent expenditures, which cannot be coordinated with a candidate or political party."

Hillary Clinton October Surprise? TARP Funds and Contributions

One very significant document in the set contains a list of companies that received TARP bailouts (those were the multi-billion dollar funds given to several Wall Street banks during the 2008 crash) from the Bush and Obama administrations. Next to each company is the amount of money that the company received from TARP. And next to that are names of Democratic Congressmen/women and how much money they received in donations from those banks. People on the list include famous Congressmen/women Barney Frank, Carolyn Maloney, Nacy Pelosi, and James Clyburn.

There is another spreadsheet with TARP funds and total contributions to the parties:

Hillary Clinton October Surprise? Pay to Play Files

There is a folder in the document set called 'Pay to Play'. Inside this folder is a file called 'pay to play update'.

We unobfuscated the file and it says this:

Here is the pay-to-play update.

You can see drafts of reviewed legislation here:
P:\Special Projects\Pay to Play


Early next week is likely the last chance to pitch these anything and have it written before election.

Jham's Suggestion of What to Focus on:
HR 3356 - Disability Bill - Give it to Amanda to do it correctly

Bills Reviewed (Assessment)
Bass - HR 4017 - Energy Bill (without knowing what the bill does, we can't prove the bill benefits anyone)
Denham - HR 1604 - Central Valley Projects and Environmental impact proposals (those that had contracts in the Central Valley didn't contribute - dead)
Denham - HR 2904 - IPAWS (very little circumstantial evidence and the bill is about early warning systems)
Bilbray - HR 4056 - Drug Warehouses (All we have is circumstantial evidence. We don't have comparisons of donations in previous cycles)
Renacci - HR 3128 - Emigrant Savings Bank (Dead. No pay-to-play)

Pending (Assessment):
Biggert - HR 2446 - Real Estate (This wasn't written when the Real Estate industry bought ads for her. Moreover, the industry cites the bill as reason to support her)
Duffy - HR 1315 - Financial Services and Dodd-Frank (We currently don't have a working knowledge of what this bill does to begin the project)

Bills That We Were on the Fence About Investigating/Going to Ask Political:
Bass - HR 1756 - Oil Heat Alliance
Gerlach - HR 488 - Medical Devices

Bills Previously Decided We Aren't Going to Investigate:
Grimm - HR 1610 - Derivatives
Grimm - HR 2483 - Whistleblowers
Heck - HR 1613 - Fire Extinguishers
Bass - HR 1343 - Telecom Bill
Bass - HR 3211 - Medical Device Manufactures
Bilbray - HR 734 - Removing taxes on Medical devices
Bilbray - HR 1149 - Bio fuels

Hillary Clinton October Surprise? DNC Payroll Documents

There are several documents containing payroll information for DNC staffers. If these documents are real, it shows how close the collusion is between the DNC and the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton October Surprise? Bills, Statements, and Invoices

There are several bills, statements, and invoices of interest. Including:

- Democratic party dues invoice documents
- Obama Victory Fund payment documents
- Copies of checks and wires between Democratic Party groups
- One copy of a check between one PAC and another PAC (what is it doing here?)

Hillary Clinton October Surprise? Political Favors/Appointment Requests from Donors

There is a document in the set containing appointment requests from donors. Most are for Ambassadorships, but there are some highly questionable ones. For example, a request from a former private equity fund manager with the note "No specific request, but mentioned financial regulators that have new mandates from Dodd-Frank".

Of course, he got meetings to discuss his concerns: "Letter.

Scheduled to meet on [date] ([person] spoke with him prior to your meeting). On [date] requested a meeting to get thoughts on what he could do, seek a reference with the PPO"

Hillary Clinton October Surprise? Clinton Foundation as a Facilitator for the DCCC

There is a document requesting Bill Clinton's attendance at a campaign event. Deep within that document is this paragraph:

In the 2011-2012 cycle, President Clinton signed two emails for us in 2012 and a number of emails benefitting Democratic candidates. The DCCC also sent out an email for the Clinton Foundation as a thank you for their help.

Did the Clinton Foundation facilitate a favor for the DCCC? Seems that way from this document.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Somewhat ironically, there is a copy of the DCCC conflict of interest policy in the Clinton Foundation document dump.

Democratic Party of Virginia Materials

A lot of the materials in the document dump are about the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA). Included are salary numbers for DPVA employees, business card templates for DVPA employees, expense reports for DPVA, and more.

It appears that whoever was maintaining this document cache was connected with the DVPA, although it's unclear who or how.

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