Last Man Standing Loses Two Cast Members In Upcoming Revival

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Last Man Standing was a Friday night mainstay for a number of years on ABC before being canceled somewhat surprisingly, some saying it was due to star Tim Allen's politics.

Fox made the controversial decision to bring it back, while canceling fan favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the process, but now we've learned that two members of the cast will not be back at all in the revival.

It was recently reported that a good majority of the original cast had signed on as series regulars again, though the middle and youngest daughters Many and Eve, played by Molly Ephraim and Kaitlyn Dever respectively, were in talks to at least be on the show in a recurring role.

While Dever still remains in discussions to be on the show in a recurring fashion, TVLine has reported that Ephraim has officially left the show and they will be looking to recast the role of Mandy.

She is not the only cast member not returning though, as it was also revealed that Flynn Morrision, who playes the young Boyd, also is not returning and they are looking at recasting.

The replacement of Boyd isn't that big of a deal, but the big loss here is that of Ephraim.

I only watched the series in the early days, but she was easily the standout character of the series for being funny and snarky.

They could always land a good replacement, but it is doubtful she will be as perfect for the role as Ephraim was.

What is even odder now is that as long as they get Dever back, this will mean two of the three Baxter children have been recast at one point or another.

The elder daughter Kristin was replaced after the first season with the returning Amanda Fuller, and now the middle daughter is being replaced.

Last Man Standing is set to return this Fall back on its Friday night spot at 8:00 PM, but this time on Fox.

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