GLOW Season 3 Has Now Been Confirmed By Netflix

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Arguably the best ever show on Netflix right now is GLOW which has been on for the past two seasons.

Thankfully, Netflix has now confirmed that the show has been renewed for a new third season that will presumably come out sometime next year.

Netflix confirmed a third season of GLOW will air in the near future over on its official Twitter page. The post says: "Did you think we'd GLOW to Vegas without you? Let's do this. 💪 #GLOWS3"

GLOW is a comedy drama that focuses on a group of female professional wrestlers in the '80s.

It's actually loosely based on a true story because there was a real life '80s wrestling show called GLOW that aired for a few seasons.

That said, the Netflix version of GLOW features new characters and makes the storylines more humorous for scripted television.

The TV series has been reviewed well by both critics and fans so it's cool to see it getting renewed for a third season.

In the third season, the female professional wrestlers are traveling to Las Vegas where they will have to perform live shows on a constant basis.

Las Vegas will be a funny location since the main characters are sure to meet a lot of unpredictable new people once they get there.

Sadly, today's announcement did not confirm a specific release date for Season 3 of GLOW. Judging from past seasons, it's more than likely the show could be coming back in the Summer 2019 season. Usually only ten episodes air for each season.

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