Nikki Bella Apologizes For Mocking Chyna In An Old Video

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A video has surfaced from 2013 that featured Nikki Bella mocking the legendary and late Chyna before she passed away. With the video gone viral, Nikki Bella apologizes for her poor choice of words.

In the old video with Joan Rivers, Bella questioned Chyna if she was a man or a woman. Since this caught on fire, Bella has sent an apology on the matter via Twitter. You can read her full apology below.

"I want to sincerely apologize for a comment I made over 8 years ago on Fashion Police. I am sorry and embarrassed by my 29 year old self, who offended Chyna and in turn, hurt her family and others. I wish I could take it back. Please learn from me, it’s not worth hurting someone’s feelings for a meaningless laugh. Chyna will always be remembered as an icon and pioneer who helped create the opportunities for women in wrestling that exist today. Thank you Chyna! -Nikki Bella"

The official Chyna Twitter page has accepted the apology and has told fans to stop harassing the Bellas. So it looks like they have buried the hatchet and Nikki now knows not to mock someone's physical appearance.

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