GLOW Season 2 Review: Episodes 9 And 10

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GLOW Season 2 has 10 episodes much like the first season and it all went by very quickly.

While I do like that the show is concise without adding too many filler episodes, I'm still sad that I will now have to wait another year or so for a potential Season 3 to air on Netflix.

Before the Season Finale airs, episode 9 focuses on Justine who gets a visit from her real mother named Rosaline.

Rosaline gets the chance to meet Sam Sylvia for the first time in 17 years and for some reason Ruth is in the middle of the family feud.

The only part that I found weird about this episode is when Sam starts to have feelings towards Ruth.

The two never really had a romantic relationship before so this caught me off guard. Ruth seems better off with the Camera Guy Russell than with Sam.

Anyway, Justine goes to her high school dance with her boyfriend Billy, but the parents along with Ruth are allowed to come too.

Justine does not know what she wants to do with her life as she hates her mother and would rather stay and live with Sam instead.

While the story of Justine has nothing to do with the actual GLOW show, I still enjoyed her storyline because she's the only thing in the world that Sam really cares about outside of GLOW. It sounds like Justine might not be in Sesaon 3, but I'm hoping she finds a way to see the gang again.

Ironically, its during the school dance that Sam meets a strip club owner that might be the only person that can save GLOW. This person will show up later in episode 10!

The main story of episode 9 is actually Bash and Debbie going to a TV expo in order to woo potential buyers to purchase GLOW. After all, KD-TV is canceling them so they need to find another network in order to stay on air.

While Debbie might be my most hated character in Season 2, she actually improves her attitude in episode 9 as she really tries hard to pitch GLOW to as many TV executives as she can.

It's almost as if Debbie did a complete U-turn as she's now more likable and is treating GLOW as more than just "another job".

Bash is also as enthusiastic as ever, although he gets some bad news over the phone about his friend Florian. Florian has died presumably of AIDs and this makes Bash feel sad for the first time in the show's history.

As we transition into episode 10, most of the girls are worried about GLOW's potential cancellation. Some girls are already auditioning for parts in future TV roles, while poor Rhonda "Britannica" Richardson might have to get deported back to the UK.

In order for Rhonda to stay in the USA, they come up with the great idea for the finale of GLOW and that's for Rhonda to get married to a US citizen.

The plan is for Rhonda to marry her biggest ever fan for real inside of a wrestling ring!

I don't want to give too many spoilers away, but the wedding finale is the longest episode of Season 2 and is one of the more entertaining episodes I have ever seen.

The thing that got me hooked the most about the finale is the women staging a Battle Royale event.

The Battle Royale match is awesome because wrestling fans get a chance to see some cameos from former WWE Superstars Carlito and Chavo Guerrero.

Both wrestlers actually trained the women to wrestle so it was nice to see them get actual screentime on the show.

Even Ruth who still has an injury plays a huge part in the finale of the Battle Royale and everyone is happy.

The only shocking thing that happens in the finale is the fact that Bash decides to marry Rhonda in real life instead of the fan who gets really upset.

It will be interesting to see if Bash and Rhonda can manage as a couple if Season 3 is made.

The ending of the finale is also touching because Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" plays during the final sequences of the episode and during the end credits.

The song is a metaphor for GLOW because Season 3 teases that the cast has a future in Las Vegas.

This is all thanks to the rich strip club owner Sam met in episode 9 who has more work for the ladies in the future.

The ending put a tear in my eye because it was so touching to see the cast of GLOW still sticking together and supporting one another.

Season 2 also ended on a high note as the only episode I did not like was episode 5.

While Netflix has not officially announced GLOW will be back for Season 3, I'm hoping they give the show another chance as there's too many stories left for the show to tell.

It will be cool to see how the ladies do when they go to Las Vegas.

Overall though, GLOW Season 2 is excellent and it's by far my favorite show ever on Netflix.

Even if you are not a fan of professional wrestling, you'll love the humor and drama that this show has to offer. Hopefully a potential Season 3 is able to continue the show's awesome winning streak.

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