Hot Toys Reveals New Figure From Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Hot Toys has now revealed a new figure based on the Alden Ehrenreich version of the Han Solo character. This is a newer toy based on a specific look the character had in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

You can get both the original look for the character, or you can get him in the Mudtrooper suit. Hot Toys posted more details on its official Facebook page. You can read the announcement below.

Before meeting Chewbacca, young Han Solo was a corporal with the 224th Imperial Armored Division, namely Mudtroopers, appointed to swampy, war-torn worlds. Inspired by Solo: A Star Wars Story, Hot Toys is excited today to present the final product of 1/6th scale Han Solo collectible figure, that captures him in the Mudtrooper armors with movie-accurate details including the respiratory gear and sealed bodysuits.

The collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of Mudtrooper from Solo: A Star Wars Story, features a newly developed head sculpt of Han Solo, a newly designed Mudtrooper helmet wearable on head sculpt, highly-detailed armor designs, an exquisitely tailored fabric suit, a cape with specially applied weathering effects, a blaster rifle, and a figure stand!

Be sure not to miss out the amazing blogger photos of Han Solo as Mudtrooper!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available to watch now digitally or via the DVD and Blu-ray formats. As of this moment, it looks like the film will not have a movie sequel released theatrically.


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