GLOW Season 2 Review: Episodes 5 And 6

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GLOW Season 2 continues, although in my opinion the second offering is not as strong as the first season.

Sure the second season has had some decent episodes so far, but episode 5 was the most boring and weakest episode of the series thus far.

GLOW is advertised as a comedy/drama, but episode 5 took things further to the drama category that made it boring and not very fun to watch.

Not to mention this episode did not even feature much of the girls actually doing stuff for the wrestling industry.

A pointless side story featured Bash the producer wanting to find his old butler that left him.

He needs money from his mother too to help fund the show. They spend too much time on Bash in this episode that it did not feel like I was watching GLOW.

Ruth on the other hand was nearly sexually assaulted by a Network executive. It was not too offensive, but I felt uncomfortable watching Ruth going through the struggle as the Network Executive seemed like a creep.

Thankfully, the show gets back on track with episode 6. Episode 6 actually featured all of the girls training as they want to prove themselves to be just as hard hitting as the male wrestlers.

Since Ruth didn't want to have sex with the Network Executive, he punished GLOW by allocating them to air at 2am in the morning each weekend.

This does not sit well with the cast as they feel the show might be canceled soon.

The girls agree to work really hard and put on a show that will warrant them to stay in their 10am Saturday morning slot.

I liked this episode because every cast member does their own stunts and there was a lot of action and preparation for this particular episode.

Sam is also much less grumpy than he was earlier in the season. He actually supports Ruth and hates how the show might be canceled thanks to the Network Executive feeling petty.

Surprisingly the only character that still doesn't support Ruth is Debbie. Debbie is annoyed about everything in her life and becomes very unlikable due to the actions she does in episode 6.

Not to mention Debbie blames Ruth for putting the show on ice by not going out with the Network Executive. Debbie just feels very unstable and it looks like her actions will have a lot of consequences. 

Episode 6 actually ends on a cliffhanger that caught me off guard. It will be interesting to see how Ruth reacts to Debbie since Debbie has become an unsafe worker both inside and outside of the ring.

Anyway, I was worried when episode 5 came on because I thought the show forgot about the comedy. It also looked like the show was not going to be about wrestling and focus on the character drama.

Thankfully, the show rebounded quickly because episode 6 is my favorite one of Season 2 so far. It featured great action and had the same type of comedy that was prevalent in the first season.

The only thing I'm hoping to see is the show giving more screentime to the other cast members of the show.

I don't mind Ruth being the main character, but I feel Season 2 has featured too many scenes about Debbie as she's starting hog every episode at the moment!

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