WWE Backlash 2018 Results/Review: A Disappointing Show

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WWE Backlash 2018 had a rough build up mainly because WWE chose to concentrate on last week's Greatest Royal Rumble event instead.

Well it looks like WWE knew about this because the event itself was very forgettable with nothing big really happening

Let's start off with the only positive and that's The Miz vs Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Title.

I've been very critical over The Miz for over a decade now, but this match finally made me admire his in-ring skills for the very first time.

Seth Rollins was able to carry The Miz to his best match of all time. There were lots of false finishes, entertaining action and the crowd was hot throughout the entire match.

In the end though, The Miz lost the match when Seth Rollins delivered his awesome looking 'Curb Stomp' finisher. Sadly, the first match on the card was the only good thing about this entire event.

Next up was Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss in a drawn out average match. It looked unrealistic when Alexa Bliss was 'isolating' Nia Jax in the middle of the match as Bliss' offense looked really weak.

Jax retained her title though by doing a devastating looking 'Samoan Drop'. Hopefully this is the last time we see these two fight one another as they lack in-ring chemistry with one another.

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton was also an average match, but at least Hardy won over Orton cleanly thanks to the 'Swanton Bomb'. At least it did not end stupidly like some other matches that happened later in the night...

Daniel Bryan is regarded to be one of the best wrestlers on the WWE roster, but there was nothing he was able to do to make Big Cass look like a star.

Big Cass just has a boring move set and he doesn't look very impressive either.

Needless to say this was also a pointless match because Daniel Bryan won with the 'Yes Lock'. It made Big Cass look weak and it does not further the storyline one bit making Cass lose cleanly.

That said, I don't think Big Cass is ready for the main event scene yet because he's not exciting to watch.

Another weird booking choice was making Charlotte Flair look weak by making her lose cleanly to Carmella. Charlotte got pinned simply because her knees buckled while she was going for a 'moonsault'.

Not only was it a weak looking finish, but it makes Asuka look like a chump.

Are you telling me Asuka is unable to beat Charlotte, but the less talented Carmella can? I knew WWE ended Asuka's winning streak too early!

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura ended in a double countout at the Greatest Royal Rumble, so I was hoping their match at Backlash 2018 would be a huge improvement.

The match itself was a slight improvement, but everything fell apart when it came to the conclusion.

WWE robbed us of a clean finish because Styles and Nakamura both kicked each other below the belt.

WWE chose to have a "ballsy" finish by making it end with both men being unable to stand before the count of 10. I rolled my eyes when I saw the finish...

Before the main event, we had the pointless tag match with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Usually in wrestling, the babyfaces are the underdogs while the heels are bigger and act like douchebags.

This match was the exact opposite as Strowman and Lashley were the cocky confident team beating up the much weaker pairing of Owens and Zayn. Needless to say, Lashley and Strowman won this waste of time match.

Due to the crap finish of Styles vs Nakamura, WWE decided to put Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe in the main event.

These guys have managed to have great matches on Raw, but sadly their effort at Backlash 2018 was slow and boring.

Roman Reigns won the match easily despite Samoa Joe looking strong at the start. This is just typical WWE booking continuing to make Reigns look like an underdog babyface, even though he wins all of the time.

Overall, Backlash 2018 was a pointless PPV that did not have any title changes and had some of the worst booked finishes I've seen in WWE recently.

Aside from The Miz vs Seth Rollins, you don't need to watch the rest of the event because every other match was average or bad.

Verdict: 4/10 stars

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