Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Review/Recap: Who Is The 10th Fighter?

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Things don't look good at the start of Dragon Ball Super episode 92 because Universe 7's team is incomplete.

They used to have 10 fighters on their team, but Buu has fallen asleep. The team needs to find a new fighter as Zen-Oh won't accept anything less than 10 fighters on a team for the Tournament of Power.

Goku visits Hercule's house and sees that Buu has fallen asleep. Buu just wanted a small nap, but he ended up being in a deep sleep.

Hercule tried everything to wake him up, but nothing has worked. Once Buu is in a deep sleep, he won't be awake for another two months.

Beerus is angry about this as there are only three more hours until the Tournament of Power starts. Whis tries to calm Beerus down and notes Beerus himself has fallen asleep for many years.

Hercule volunteers to be the 10th member, but Goku says there will be very strong fighters. Hercule gets nervous and decides to back out.

As for the other characters in Universe 7, Vegeta has finished his training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Piccolo moans that he breaks the room yet again.

Krillin and No. 18 join the others at Bulma's house while Master Roshi surprisingly overcomes his weakness of seduction.

Elsewhere in this Dragon Ball Super episode, we see how the other Universes are doing. Universe 3 has engineered a new robot warrior called Naiirama.

This robot has claws and suction cups to help it not fall off the ring.

It also is able to extend its limbs like Piccolo can. The Universe 3 team have engineered all their fighters to get the upper hand in a Battle Royale format.

Universe 11's Toppo is also doing some last minute preparations.

Since most of the strongest Pride Troopers will be gone for the tournament, he asked his younger students to look after the Universe. They said that the Tournament of Power should only last for one hour.

Lastly, Universe 6's Cabba is trying to train Caulifa to be a Super Saiyan. He tries to call her names to get her angry, but that doesn't work.

Cabba says he only had minimal training to be a Super Saiyan since he only got taught by Vegeta about it.

They try a different technique aside from anger so she channels her energy in her back. By powering up, she is able to become a Super Saiyan for the very first time!

Caulifa learns the technique pretty quickly and is much more powerful than Cabba. Cabba says to her not to use it too often because it drains a lot of power early on.

At this point, Caulifa decides to join the Tournament of Power. Caulifa then introduces Cabba to her protege named Kale who is another female Saiyan. Is Kale going to be stronger than both Cabba and Caulifa?

The episode then checks back with Universe 7. There is a bit of controversy because Krillin and No. 18 were promised to win 10 million Zeni for winning the tournament.

They find out through Piccolo and Gohan that Goku lied to them. Now Krillin and No. 18 don't want to enter. They learn that the whole universe is at stake instead!

When Goku gets back, Krillin yells at him for not being honest. Beerus steps in and threatens to blast Krillin away if he doesn't join the tournament.

Krillin begs Beerus not to kill him so he stays on the team.

Luckily Bulma is rich and she promises to give 10 million Zeni to any of the fighters that want it. She is covering Goku's back since he lied to most of them...

However, Beerus is still pissed off since they have still not found a replacement for Buu.

Beerus mentions there's not many fighters left in Universe 7 because they killed most of Frieza's army. Goku then says they should just recruit Frieza himself and the episode ends like that.

As a whole this episode was really good in terms of world building. I love the fact that were are getting background detail on pretty much every fighter that is joining the tournament.

It's not just focusing all on Goku. My favorite part of the episode is seeing Caulifa transform into a Super Saiyan.

The part about Frieza joining the team is a shocking twist, although disappointing for Buu fans. Buu was skinny and ripped, but now he's back to being fat and lazy.

It's too bad we cannot see Buu fight since he already missed the Universe 7 vs. Universe 6 tournament as well. However, fans of Frieza will be happy that he gets to appear one more time in Dragon Ball Super.

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