Luke Cage Star Wants Barack Obama To Guest Star In Season Three

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Luke Cage just premiered its second season recently on Netflix, so naturally star Mike Colter has been making the rounds to promote it.

Rather than speaking on a show, TMZ spoke with him out on the street, where he mentioned a very surprising person he'd like to see guest star in season three of Luke Cage.

In this quick clip from TMZ, Colter mentioned wanting to see Barack Obama show up on the next season of Luke Cage in a very different kind of role, which was transcribed by ComicBookMovie

[Obama] could cameo in anything he wants to. He has an open door for anywhere he wants to go . . . We shoot in Harlem. We got a lot of good places to eat. He can come and do a cameo and we can have a bite to eat . . . He’s been a hero a long time, maybe he can be a villain this time . . . I leave that up to [showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker.]

The idea of having Obama in the next season as a villain would be pretty wild, but definitely would be really cool to see, though it would obviously just be in a cameo role or something.

What does complicate things though is how Obama was mentioned in the series in the past, though a different person entirely was president in the MCU. This means the Obama of the MCU might not have actually been president, but rather an influential figure in some other way. Regardless, he could also play as someone else and not as himself on the series however.

While this whole thing does seem pretty farfetched, he fact that Obama did recently sign a deal with Netflix could definitely help make it happen.

However, I still wouldn't get my hopes up, even if it would be pretty cool to see happen.

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