Was a Daycare Really Busted for Running a Fight Club on Snapchat?

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There is a meme on Twitter going around asserting that there was a day care institution that was busted for running a "fight club" on Snapchat.

The meme compares a previous year (generally 1965) to 2017, and says something like "there will be flying cars and a cure for cancer in the future" or '1965: "I bet there'll be flying cars and a cure for cancer in the future" 2017:' Then this image is shown:

But is this day care story real? Was a day care really caught having a baby fight club?

Did a Daycare Really Run a Fight Club on Snapchat?

Sadly, the answer is that something like this allegedly occurred.

According to NBC New York, the "fight club" took place in a Cranford, New Jersey day care facility.

The facility, Lightbridge Academy, allegedly had two staff members who forced young children (not babies -- but 4-6 year olds) to push and hit each other.

The two staff members, Erica Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 28, were investigated for child abuse and endangerment. It's not clear what the outcome of the investigation was, however. Both staff members were fired.

Kenny and White allegedly recorded video of the fights between the young children and shared the video on Snapchat.

The video shows children punching each other, and have a voice-over from an adult who appears to be quoting the Fight Club movie.

It appears that the "fight club" only occurred once, and nobody was seriously injured. You can watch a video from NBC New York which is about the day care "fight club" here:



So it looks like the meme is at least somewhat accurate; although, there is no evidence that anyone beyond the two staff members knew of what was going on.

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