Movie Review: Godzilla vs. Kong

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2020 was a pretty boring year thanks to a lack of blockbuster movies thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, things have improved in 2021 with Warner Bros eagerly releasing its biggest movies all year long.

So far recently, we've seen the releases of Wonder Woman 1984 as well as Zack Snyder's Justice League. Now the studio has released Godzilla vs Kong which is another addition to the Monsterverse world.

Warner Bros' Monsterverse kind of started off with a whimper thanks to the utterly underwhelming release of Godzilla 2014. That movie sucked a lot because it featured boring humans more than Godzilla himself!

The other movies in the series were big improvements with the release of Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. 2021 now brings us both Kong and Godzilla in the appropriately named Godzilla vs Kong.

Unlike Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Kong and Godzilla fight more than once in this movie.

It is also refreshing to see many of the fight scenes takes place in the daytime. Night time fights were overdone in the previous movies.

The CGI doesn't look fake, and the fight scenes are lengthy and entertaining.

The best fight happens at the end, although I will not spoil who the actual big bad guy is in the movie. It's similar to how Superman and Batman have to team up to face Doomsday.

While most of this movie is entertaining, the only thing that drags this film down are the pointless human side stories.

Aside from one human character that uses sign language to talk to Kong, every other human in the movie doesn't do very much.

I'm a big fan of Millie Bobby Brown and Julian Dennison, but sadly they don't do very much until they help at the very end of the film.

The whole side plot of the other humans going to the center of the Earth felt dragged out and boring sometimes too.

It's also nicer if you watch the movie without knowing any spoilers.

I got spoiled before I got to watch the film thanks to some YouTube videos of the film getting recommended to me.

It's best to watch this with fresh eyes in order to see the surprises in store at the end.

Aside from the human scenes, Godzilla vs Kong is still entertaining thanks to the epic fight scenes. It may not be as good as Kong: Skull Island, but the movie is way better than the utterly boring Godzilla 2014.

Verdict: 3.5/5 stars

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