WWE SummerSlam Ends With Roman Reigns Return

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In a shocking end to WWE SummerSlam 2020, Roman Reigns appeared after the Universal Title match from a multi-month absence. The former WWE Champion wants to be the big dog once again.

In the main event, The Fiend (Bray Wyatt) defeated Braun Strowman to become the new Universal Champion. The Fiend won by doing multiple Sister Abigails on the exposed wooden ring floor.

The match itself was ok, but the finish seemed underwhelming. It wasn't until Roman Reigns' return did the end of SummerSlam feel more exciting.

Roman Reigns speared both The Fiend and Braun Strowman to announce his return to the company.

Many people believe it was a heel turn. If this is true, this will be more exciting since Roman Reigns hasn't been a heel since 2013 when he was with The Shield.

In real life, Roman Reigns took several months off in order to avoid getting Covid-19. Due to him having leukemia in the past, his immune system isn't as strong as other people's.

Well it looks like Reigns is comfortable now to work with his fellow WWE employees. He will be a big part of the Smackdown brand as we go forward.

This might be bad news for The Fiend who just became the new champion. If Roman Reigns wants the title, The Fiend might not have an overly long reign as Universal Champion.

You can watch Roman Reigns' return to the WWE posted in the video down below. Are you glad to see The Big Dog back in his yard?

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