2018 WWE Royal Rumble Full Match Card Preview/Predictions

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The Royal Rumble is usually regarded to be the second biggest PPV in the WWE just behind WrestleMania. The 2018 event will be even bigger as there will be two Royal Rumble matches in one night!

Aside from the usual Men's Royal Rumble, a Women's Royal Rumble match is also going to be held as well.

Last year's event disappointed many because there were no surprises, but this year could give us some new faces or two.

Anyway, here is our predictions for who might win the matches happening this Sunday. I'll be predicting who might realistically win, while in some other matches I will say who I actually want to win.

(P) Bobby Roode does an open challenge on the pre-show: The kickoff matches start with Bobby Roode giving out an open challenge for anyone on the roster to face him for the United States Title.

I don't know who will challenge him, but it's safe to say Roode will win mainly because it will be pointless for him to drop the strap so quickly after just winning it a few weeks ago.

(P) Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs The Revival: Here is a random tag-team match that is also happening on the kickoff show.

These two teams already faced each other a few days ago in a very short match on Raw 25.

I feel Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson will win because WWE is giving them a push thanks to them now being a part of the Balor Club.

The Revival have lost momentum mainly because they were injured for the majority of 2017.

(P) Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik vs TJP, Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak: The last kickoff match features the 205 Live Cruiserweights.

WWE had to cancel the Cedric Alexander vs Enzo Amore match after the latter got fired earlier this week.

Anyway, Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik are probably winning this to make the fans happy just before the event really begins. Hopefully 205 Live can now be better with Enzo Amore out of the company.

Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles (Two out of three falls) - The Usos (c) vs Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin: These are two of the best tag-teams that WWE currently has and this match will not disappoint.

All four men are highly athletic and I feel this will be fast paced and very energetic.

As to who will win, I'd love to see Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin win this one.

As much as I like The Usos, they've held the titles a lot of times already so I think it's time some new faces should get the gold.

RAW Tag Team Titles - Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (c) vs The Bar: This is an interesting one because Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (in the storyline) dislike one another even though they are the champions.

The Bar on the other hand is Cesaro and Sheamus and they have been a team for over a year now. In terms of the winners, I think Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan will get a narrow victory.

It seems as if Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan could feud soon when their team eventually breaks up, although I feel this will happen closer to WrestleMania 34.

WWE Title Handicap Match - AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn: It's rare a WWE Title match is contested in a Handicap match, but now here we are.

The only other time I think something similar like this happened was back in 1998 when Steve Austin had to defend the WWE Title against the team of Undertaker and Kane.

I would love to see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn because they are going to be the first ever co-WWE Champions. However, I don't think WWE is going to let them win so AJ Styles might be the realistic winner.

WWE Universal Title Triple Threat - Brock Lesnar (c) vs Kane vs Braun Strowman: This is a dream match for Vince McMahon because he likes old-school big men.

I think the match itself might be short, but it should give us a lot of smash mouth action.

I really want Braun Strowman to win because he's awesome and the most popular wrestler on the Raw roster right now.

That said, I think WWE is going to do the predictable and boring route of Brock Lesnar retaining the title by pinning Kane.

This is because the rumored Universal Title match at WrestleMania 34 is still expected to be Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns...

Men's Royal Rumble: Last year's Royal Rumble had big names such as Undertaker, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. This year though, none of them are in it and many people want to see some surprise names.

EC3 and Bobby Lashley have left Impact Wrestling and I hope they make an appearance here. They will not win, but it should give us some new names to make things exciting.

Kurt Angle is another name that WWE can chuck in there for the nostalgia. Kurt Angle has not wrestled in a Royal Rumble match since 2005 (I think) so having him appear in 2018 will put a smile on everyone's faces.

As for how I want to win, I'd love to see Shinsuke Nakamura win so he can face AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34.

In recent years though, WWE has been too stubborn pushing new stars so I realistically think an aging veteran might win.

We may not like it at all, but I have a bad feeling WWE might let John Cena, Roman Reigns or Randy Orton win this year.

Cena could be the realistic winner mainly because WWE wants him to break Ric Flair's record of being a 17-time World Champion.

Women's Royal Rumble: I hope the Women's Royal Rumble is the main event because it might be less predictable than the men's one. Not to mention, it's the first ever time we are getting a female Royal Rumble match.

Asuka is the person I'd like to win because she needs to look dominant plus she's part of the full time main roster. That said, I feel WWE might let someone else more famous win...

That someone else could be Ronda Rousey who is heavily rumored to make her WWE debut at the Royal Rumble.

Traditional wrestling fans may not like Rousey winning, but you have to admit it would give WWE a lot of mainstream media attention if she wins the Royal Rumble!

Anyway, I hope Asuka wins but I predict WWE wants Rousey to win because she will get a lot more publicity.

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