Jim Parsons and Jimmy Fallon's 5-Second Summaries Are Hilarious

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Jim Parsons has some explaining to do when it comes to Space Jam. Together, Parsons and Jimmy Fallon took part in a game of 5-Second Summaries where they took turns trying to guess films with barely any time for clues.

If there was a professional game show for 5-Second Summaries, Parsons and Fallon would win the grand prize every time.

The first film was Star Wars and Parsons nailed the clues he was giving to Fallon who instantly guessed the film.

Fallon gave Parsons some vague clues for the new film, La La Land however, he still managed to guess it very quickly.

Things got a little hairy when it got to the clues for Space Jam as Parsons thought that Shaq was the main character in the film, instead of the GOAT Michael Jordan.

Nevertheless, Fallon was able to guess the film and correct Parsons. They continued to shock the audience as they got ever single summary correct making for a perfect score for the first time on the show.

You can watch the entire 5-Second Summaries video with Jim Parsons and Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show video below.

Jim Parsons and Jimmy Fallon's 5-Second Summaries Are Hilarious