Howard Stern 12/9 Recap: Smashing Pumpkins, Julie Chen and Sharon Osborne

Sharon Osborne and Julie Chen, who are both on the panel of ladies at "The Talk," appeared in the Howard Stern studio on Tuesday morning.

The conversation started with public perception of the talk show, and how people didn't expect it to last, but as Howard read the statistics, he noted they had surpassed "The View" in audience.

"The Talk" surpassed "The View" ratings in July 2014, when Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy announced they were leaving.

Osborne and Chen talked about how much fun they have at "The Talk," and that the ladies hang out all the time, having dinner parties at each other's houses.

In characteristic fashion, Osborne went on to play with Howard and make up ridiculous answers to his questions.

She told him that Chen wears a black dress with diamonds to dinner, and that Chen and her husband Les Moonves have a film-only movie theater in their home.

They also got to chatting about Bill Cosby, and Stern asked if Julie had ever met Cosby.

When she said she had, Sharon said she "f***ed Bill Cosby." When Stern asked if that was true, Chen said "F*** no!" Chen then discussed her brief meeting with Cosby, describing it as short but sweet.

Before the ladies left, Stern said he'd tune in to "The Talk" at 2 p.m. today, and will also watch them on the fill in show for "The Late, Late Show" on January 12.

Hey Now Highlights

Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins perform. Corgan talked about the music industry today, and how its pure madness to put out a record.

They're newest album is called "Monuments To An Elegy," and they performed their song "One And All" from the album.

Billy Corgan also announced a new memoir, and Stern would read it because he knows Corgan would be honest about his crazy stories.

Howard Stern is not impressed with British royalty. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make headlines in the states for their local visit, Howard Stern doesn't get all the hype. He stated that he believed the "prince dude" is just a man who didn't have to do anything--and Stern probably wouldn't be wrong.

William and Kate met Jay Z and Beyonce while court-side for Monday's Brooklyn Net's game, and Stern couldn't have cared less. "I'd bow down to Jay Z and Beyonce before I'd bow down to the British," he said.

Benjy Bronk and his girlfriend Elisa may have broken up, and Howard is totally done talking about it.

When a caller asked for an update on the Benjy's relationship, Benjy wouldn't answer either yes or no about whether he still had a girlfriend. "It's not that simple," he said.

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