Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 4 'How Stella Got Her Groove On' Review

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Life Sentence continues to roll on as main character, Stella Abbott, is still trying to live her life without the comfort of her parents.

After beating cancer, Stella wants to live freely but the past still continues to come back to haunt her.

In this week's episode, Stella wants to get a new job as a manager for a different coffee shop.

She still feels a bit embarrassed that she's an adult working as a barista with a mean 20 year old boss telling her what to do all of the time.

However in order for her to apply for the new job, she needs to have a High School Diploma. The trouble with that is Stella only received an Honorary High School Diploma thanks to her Dad. 

Stella needs to have a legit diploma and not an honorary one for the new job.

Even though she managed to beat cancer, the illness still has consequences preventing her from living out her real dream and making her life stagnant.

'How Stella Got Her Groove On' hit close to home mainly because it kind of mirrored my own life. After I graduated high school, my life became stagnant much like Stella's thanks to mental illness and depression. 

For a few years after school, all I did was work at a canteen while also doing some volunteer work on the side. However all of my friends were moving out, going to University and getting cool jobs. 

Stella feels the same way as she sees an old high school friend who is now working as a Physicist.

Much like myself, Stella feels a little bit jealous that her classmates have moved on while she's still stuck in a rut.

Stella eventually tries to get her GED, but she gets too nervous because a maths problem gets in her way.

Everything does not turn the way she wants at the end basically making her take a longer time to achieve her goals.

In the side story, Stella's brother Aiden is also not really progressing with his life.

There was a chance for him to move out and start a family, but in the end he too has to move back and live with his father again.

Even though last week's episode of Life Sentence was more entertaining, this weeks' episode felt a little more realistic.

It's eerie to think how Stella's life is kind of similar to mine, although mental illness was my sickness and not cancer.

Anyway, I like the way the show does not cherry pick life's struggles and shows that not everything has a fairy tale happy ending.

That said, the show still feels optimistic enough to encourage the audience to keep on fighting no matter how tough life can be at times.

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