Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming Is Easily The Best Spider-Man Movie Ever

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is out now in cinemas and it's the Spider-Man movie I have been waiting for ever since I was born.

With Marvel doing most of the creative decisions, we finally have a Spider-Man film that stays true to the original character as Tom Holland put on one heck of a good performance as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

I was never a fan of the original Tobey Maguire trilogy as the humor never clicked with me and Maguire didn't play the character correctly.

He was always mopey as Peter Parker and not witty enough as Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield was a slight improvement, but his movies were boring and convoluted.

Here with Spider-Man: Homecoming, we have Tom Holland who finally does the character justice. He's witty, charismatic and just enjoyable to watch.

Without giving too many spoilers away, Holland is also excellent during some of the dramatic scenes of this movie too. He's the live action Spider-Man actor I have always wanted.

The other thing I love about Homecoming is that it's not a remake as it does not rehash the tired old storylines we have seen from other superhero movies. The love interest isn't kidnapped like Mary Jane was in ALL of the Tobey Maguire movies.

It also isn't a movie about teenage romance or drama. The main point of the film is for Peter Parker to prove himself as a legitimate hero because he wants to be a part of The Avengers.

That's the other thing I like about this film too. There's a lot of actual screen time where Holland is actually in the Spider-Man suit.

In the previous films (both Tobey and Andrew), they spent way too much time on the Peter Parker stuff that we didn't see enough Spider-Man.

Holland also rarely takes his mask off when he is Spider-Man which is another trait I hated in the other films.

Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suffered a lot due to stuffing too many villains. Homecoming avoids this as we only get maybe two villains - The Shocker and Vulture. Speaking of Vulture, he's played brilliantly here by Michael Keaton. There has been some criticism that MCU villains are unmemorable.

Well Keaton makes sure to be memorable and even likeable. Marvel should always cast a big name to be a villain as it helps tremendously.

Vulture's motivations are also believable as well. This isn't the usual villain wants to take over /destroy the world type storyline.

I'm also glad that Iron Man/Tony Stark didn't hog the show too.

There were fears Iron Man would steal the spotlight, but he's only there when the story needs him to be. There are also some cameos from other Marvel characters here too, but I won't spoil it for you.

The pace of this film is also very good.

The movie doesn't bog us down with too many boring exposition scenes or redundant dream sequences or anything like that. This is something I hated about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice...

The only negative thing I can say about this film is what they did with Flash Thompson.

Instead of being a huge jock, Flash Thompson is now an intellectual bully. I feel they should have just called this character something else as he didn't represent Flash Thompson in any capacity.

Overall, Spider-Man: Homecoming is excellent and is worth watching in the cinema.

Even if you did not like all of the other Spider-Man films (like me), you will be pleasantly surprised by how good Homecoming is. It is by far the best Spider-Man film of all time!

Verdict: 4.5/5 stars

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