Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Casts Jim Carrey As Evil Dr. Robotnik

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Video game movies have rarely worked out too well, especially those based on major mascot characters. I think we all remember how bad the Super Mario Bros.

movie was way back when. You would think that this might keep people away from attempting such movies, but the Sonic The Hedgehog movie keeps picking up more steam, with the latest casting announcement being the biggest so far.

Very recently, it was revealed that James Marsden would be starring in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie as a live action character, while Sonic would be in the movie as a CG character.

With it being a Sonic movie, the logical villain would be Dr. Robotnik, who has now been cast.

According to Deadline, the movie nabbed a heavy hitter for the role of Dr. Robotnik, as Jim Carrey is negotiating to play the character in the movie.

Carrey may have been taking it a bit slower the last few years, with very few projects in that time, but he is still a major name in Hollywood for them to grab.

There is no question that Carrey can definitely ham it up, which is what you absolutely need for the character of Dr. Robotnik.

Also of note is that Deadline refers to him as playing Dr. Robotnik, even though he has become to be known more as Dr.

Eggman in recent years.

Robotnik was the Americanized name given to the character, which was later explained to be his actual last name, while Eggman was just a nickname given to him, at least in the Western releases.

This makes it sound like they will be going with Robotnik in this movie though.

This live action/CGI hybrid film will be directed by director Jeff Fowler, with a script written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, with it scheduled to dash into theaters late next year on November 15, 2019. 

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