Watch Simone Biles Get Scared On The Ellen Show

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By now every guest of The Ellen Show should expect to get the scare of their life. The most recent victim was Simone Biles who joined the celebrity scare club thanks to the prankster mentality of Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres welcomed 20-year-old Biles back to the show and asked her if it was true that her goal is to move out of her parents house.

Biles confirmed and said that is if her parents allow her to, however, DeGeneres made a good point in finding out that there is a possibility that her parents actually want her to move out.

Biles said her parents don't want her out so she may have to sneak out in the middle of the night on her own.

It could have something to do with Biles putting the clothes in the dryer before putting them in the wash. Biles also said she is scared of the dark so she may need a roommate.

Biles said she is looking forward to going to Las Vegas and just like that, DeGeneres presented her with two tickets to see Magic Mike. Meanwhile, Biles also showed off her Olympic Rings tattoo and chatted about her first date.

Before her interview was over completely, Biles got a surprise scare from her partner Sasha Farber who jumped out of the prop table.

The duo would later on perform a number from Dancing With The Stars on The Ellen Show and you can watch the scare and performance in the video below.

Watch Simone Biles Get Scared On The Ellen Show