Review: Mission: Impossible - Fallout Is A Great Action Movie

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Hollywood has been dominated by superhero movies that action films have kind of taken a back seat as of late.

Thankfully, the action genre is getting a big shot of adrenaline because Mission: Impossible - Fallout has come out and is wowing everyone.

I've seen every Mission: Impossible movie to date and the last three films in the franchise have been excellent.

The only cliche and lame movie in the franchise was Mission: Impossible II which came out all the way back in the year 2000.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout on the other hand is great and arguably could be the best movie in the entire Tom Cruise franchise. It delivers a lot of high stakes action and the pace of the film never slows down.

Fallout reminds me a bit of last year's Dunkirk because the mission itself is the main story and nothing slows the movie down.

The movie does not include many unwanted slow moments such as more character development mainly because we're all familiar with most of the characters in the film already.

That's not to say you have to have seen all of the other films in the franchise to understand Fallout because this is a great movie all by itself.

You can still watch Fallout and know what's going on even if you did not watch Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation three years ago.

The highlight of the entire movie is of course the action sequences as all of them are breathtaking to watch.

I also like the fact that this movie does not need to rely on too much CGI as many realistic stunts were performed in this movie.

I cannot believe Tom Cruise is 56 years old because he does a lot of his own stunts and even has a running montage in this film as well.

Even Henry Cavill is given a lot of material to do in this film and shows more range here than he did in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The only minor flaws I can think about this movie is that the vehicle chase scene goes on a bit too long and the climax drags out a bit towards the end as well.

Despite that, this movie is still awesome to watch from the beginning until the end.

It's also worth mentioning you should watch this movie blind as some of the trailers did spoil some scenes. It's better to watch this movie without knowing too many details to get the most enjoyment out of it!

Verdict: 5/5 stars

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