iTunes New Zealand Reveals Digital HD Release Date For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out last December and is one of the most talked about Star Wars movies of all time.

Whether you liked the movie or not, you cannot deny discussions about the film have continued for a very long time.

Obviously non-fans of Star Wars: The Last Jedi are not interested in owning the movie at home, but fans of the film are going to be happy.

This is because iTunes New Zealand has revealed the Digital HD release date for the movie already.

The listing shows that the Digital HD release date for the film is scheduled for March 14th, 2018.

Bear in mind, the release date could be different in North America since home movies usually come out on Wednesdays in New Zealand as opposed to Tuesdays.

With that date in mind, it's possible the physical Blu-ray/DVD release should come out roughly two or three weeks after the digital version comes out.

You are probably looking at a late March or early April release date for the physical home version to come out.

In related Star Wars news, it was revealed recently at the D23 Expo in Japan that JJ Abrams is aiming to start filming Star Wars: Episode IX sometime later this Summer. Episode IX is scheduled for release in December 2019.

Episode IX had to be delayed from its original May 2019 release date since Lucasfilm fired the original director and writer Colin Trevorrow.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy was reportedly not happy with the Jurassic World director's vision which is why JJ Abrams has been brought back to finish the new trilogy.

We will give you more updates when Lucasfilm finally reveals to us the full special features list for the home version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Several deleted scenes are expected to be included and more.

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