Those Horrible Mortal Kombat Movie Rumors Are False

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A few days ago the internet was reporting on some horrible news concerning the Mortal Kombat reboot movie that is currently in development. The rumors were horrible and thankfully we now have confirmation that the news is false information.

If you read the rumors, they said the movie was going to concentrate on a new boring character named Cole Turner.

Not only that, but Raiden was supposed to be a 14 year old boy and Scorpion and Sub-Zero were not in the movie at all in that initial rumored report.

Now it sounds like the rumor is false because the information that was leaked out was based on an older and unused draft. Both director James Wan and Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon commented on Twitter to clarify the reports.

James Wan tweeted the following:

"Please don’t be so easily baited by faux information. Good & bad news: nothing is happening yet. Literally. Still in early development. Anyone who tells you the movie is location scouting or casting is trolling you. #MK"

Ed Boon tweeted a similar statement

"Lot of BS information floating around about the next Mortal Kombat movie. Don’t believe everything you read."

It sounds like the movie is still very early in production so casting and other details have not been confirmed yet.

This should put a smile on the face of fans because the MK movie would have been boring without ninjas.

Not to mention fans would have hated it focusing on a new character that's not even a part of the video games.

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