Spider-Man: Far From Home Swings First In The Box Office

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Marvel Studios continues its winning streak as Spider-Man: Far From Home easily topped the Box Office this week. Despite opening on a Tuesday, the movie still managed to be on top this weekend as well.

As reported by Box Office Pro, Spider-Man: Far From Home earned an estimated $185 million in its first six days released in North America. This is far higher than the projected $125 million opening that Sony Pictures was anticipating.

In terms of a three day opening weekend, the movie earned $93.6 million from Friday to Sunday. This is still a good number considering it already earned lots of money earlier in the week.

From a worldwide perspective, the movie has earned over $580 million globally ever since it came out a few days ago.

The biggest market for the movie remains to be China where it earned $167.4 million. If things go well, the movie could get close to $1 billion worldwide.

At this rate, the movie is grossing higher than 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming and the film should do well going forward thanks to strong word of mouth.

The movie has a 92% rating over on Rotten Tomatoes while the Audience Score is a strong 97% which is verified.

Due to all of the great reception, it's more than likely a third Spider-Man film will be announced shortly.

After all, Far From Home's mid-credits scene teases that life will get harder for Peter Parker if a third movie is made!

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